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Whats up DGC I hope everyone is safe and well in this crazy time in history. No better time to be self sufficient. So I’m leaning on the pros here once again, I have a question. What kind of yield can I expect out of my space? I’m looking for a goal to set, but I’m new to this so I need some numbers to shoot for. I know I can count on you guys for facts, no bs. I have a 5×5 tent with 2 HLG 320w xl rspecs right, and my question is what can I expect in yields. I know its strain dependent mostly, and environment is everything. Ive listened to you guys every day and read answers to questions on here I didnt even have yet. I know there are many variables at play here. But say they all were dailed in, nailed everything and they were the heaviest yielders. 2-3 lbs? 4? I really dont mind if I get 2 and the quality is there. Or less. Its not about a profit. Its for me and my family/friends. I just need an idea of what other guys are able to pull off. Just interested in hearing what’s considered a successful harvest in this size space with this kind of lighting. Love you guys please stay safe and take care of your families. Growers Love 👊💨