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What’s up dgc.

So dude has been talking about using dry ice to harvest your trichomes and to the novice person or the unknowing, dry ice is a horrible agitator for collecting trichomes.

Why? Some dry ice has lubricants in it to stop them from sticking together. Put a piece of dry ice on a mirror and let it melt. Anything left over? If so it’s additives from the making of it. I don’t want unknown contaminates in my hash. Also it’s super cold and does so much damage to everything it touches. Plant matter breaks down and gets into your final kief and your trichome heads burst which allows the terpenes to evap easier.

Here’s what I do as an alternative to fast kief.

I follow the directions for making dry ice hash but instead of using dry ice as an agitator I use $3 worth of quarters.

Make sure the trim and larf is super bone dry, put an oz at a time in a 160 micron screen bubble bag, add your quarters and over a large surface, like a clean kitchen table, shake shake shake, for about 5-8 min for each oz. This part you’ll have to watch what’s coming out for the time you shake. Don’t shake to hard though. If it’s gold keep on shaking, as soon as you start to see a green tint to the kief that’s coming out, you’re done. Collect it and do whatever you want with it.

I do this to get fast results from my normally unused plant matter. The kief that came out is awesome for pressing out into rosin. Unlike the dry ice, which is really dark most of the time, when pressed, this rosin will be a nice golden blonde color thats loaded with terpenes. The left over plant matter after shaking, I’ll add that to my feco pile for later. Waste not.

A 5gl 160micron bubble bag can be found on eBay for cheap. I got mine for like $10 and everyone has quarters laying around so it’s a cheap way to do it as well.

Hope this helps someone, it’s a very safe and effective way of harvesting your trichomes.