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I’ve been growing for a little over a year now. My results have been acceptable but I’m not impressed. I’m really not impressed after I’ve seen the parade of first-time grower successes I’ve seen on your show. I haven’t grown anything to match some of those. Seeing JR Tokin’s Cherry Paloma makes me wanna cry.

I listen to several cannabis podcasts but I’d never heard them address overseas seed banks until yesterday. Then I heard it addressed twice. I’ve ordered from ILGM and MSNL. I didn’t put a lot of thought into my selection. I’m growing in prohibition land and I went with ILGM because of advertising and MSNL because I could use my credit card. My understanding is that most of the overseas banks sub-contract their seeds and they don’t really breed for results.

I’ve spent lots of money getting and verifying my environment is acceptable. Thank you Pulse Labs. I’ve spent several hundred on top of the line soil and amendments. Thank you Build A Soil.  I’ve ordered a pack of seeds from Irie Genetics (Jack the Ripper F2 #4) and a couple more from Ethos Genetics (Orange Kush Cake R1 and White Wedding RBX) are on their way.

Do overseas seed banks deserve a bad reputation? Should I scrap my current crop? I just popped some seeds. They’re less than a week old. I think I know the answer. I’m not sure I can bear another hum-drum harvest. On a more fun note, if I find out it is my less than spectacular genetics that are my limiting factor, where should I sow my unused stock of seeds in prohibition land for the most humorous effect?