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Sup yall, white yoshi here outta the good old greenhouse land of Washington state coming at y’all with not really a question but more of an example of what to look out for when you get later into flower. This nug is from a green crack pheno i nicknamed the crackin. Grown in peat moss and perlite (promix) using botanicare 3 part, hydroplex, sweet raw and molasses at Day 58 just as this strain is starting to really ripen it really starts to show. This isn’t a healthy bud at all. Yes as you get later into flower you kinda want the plant to yellow up or (color up) witch normally starts at the bottom of the plants fan leafs an works it’s way up slowly fading as your plant uses up it nutrients (mainly nitrogen) . But this yellowing is different. Please notice that it’s on the leaf growing directly from the bud, this isn’t a fan leave, and this didn’t start from the bottom up either, notice the green leafs below the yellowing . This is bud mold at its finest you wanna be looking for this yellowing of your nugs so you can hack it out an get rid of it LONG before it takes hold an names it too the jar. What happens I noticed is the mold starts for me right along the stock of the top cola. An as soon as it takes hold it kills that leaf witch sometimes causes it to shrivel up and or turn yellow like this. Just be aware of what your plants are doing as much as possible catch it early and you can totally get away with loosing a nug or two, let it slip an take hold, loose a crop. Be vigilant thanks guys keep up the good work.