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Hey DGC. The Dude. Scotty, Guru and the rest of the crew. Long time listener/YouTube watcher, 1st time writer.

1st off Thanks for all the great content, I pick up so much info and tips and tricks from y’all, I truly appreciate everything you each bring to the show. This specific comment is more directed at Guru. On the “how to build an irrigation” episode on may 12, you mentioned a bi weekly sanitizing of your res and shop vac. I was wondering if you could elaborate on your process, and maybe the materials you use to do so. I think this is one area that I am lacking in heavily, and would love your input on some things i can do to step it up. I run a self made automatic watering system, using a 55 gallon drum, 2 1/3hp submersible pumps ( one feeds the plants, and the other kicks on 2 min before the feed pump to agitate the settled nutes.)

I have 3/4″ pvc hard piped from the pump, up to just before it enters my room. I reduce to 1/2″ and have a ball valve for flow adjustment at this point. I then branch off the 1/2″ line and use 1/4″ irrigation lines to feed each plant. At the end of my 1/2″ run, I do have a cap that could be removed to allow water to flow directly out into my trays (pictures follow).

Thanks again for all that yall do. And I greatly appreciate any advice.