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Greetings from prohibition land!

This is my 3rd grow, 1st growing autos and loving it!

Growing this nice (little?) auto outdoor. Big Bud from Ganja Seeds

Currently in day 67 from sprout, about day 40 of flower.

Growing in a 4 gallon fabric pot. 

Using local synthetic nutes + Atami Rootbastic for the first few weeks. Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Factor X (heck if this expensive shit does anything). Using Molasses for the entire flowering period.

Lots of Low stress training, maybe even too much!

Everything went pretty smoothly except for having spider mites for most of the grow. I trying spraying them with neem, knocking them off- couldn’t eliminate them entirely, but for the past few weeks I’m squashing them by hand morning and evening (at least the ones I catch).

Starting to see some amber trichs, and think I’ll be starting the flush real soon.

It smells amazing, and the buds are the hardest and densest I’ve grown. 

Cheers guys