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hey guys,

Big Butts uhhhhh I mean BIg Buds Falling Over. I absolutely love your show, there is a very special dynamic among you 3. Is the “Guru” your moderator, boss or just there to keep you on task? The “Guru” is definitely the voice of reason. He sounds like my conscience when I am about to do something very stupid. #HatsOffToGuru

My question:

Buds falling over a good thing?????????

I got my set-up as you say “DIALED IN” and my Cream N’ CheeseĀ  is doing great, supposedly 18% THC and 18% CBD. I got about 2 weeks to go before harvest and my glistening buds are falling over. I am beginning to think this is a good thing because now the lower NUGS will get some much needed and deserved light. What you think?

I’ve been growing dem dare old school strains like Durban, Northern Lights, Skunk#1, Bubblelicious/Bubblegum and big bud. My friends love this stuff. What are the newer strains gonna give me besides a whole lotta hype?

SmokeDog, woof woof