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Frenchy’s tip of the day for autos. My tricks for autoflower transplant.

For the best, stress free, perfectly timed transplant for autos, cut the bottom off your 16 oz rooting container and pack that red cup or whatever your clones or seedlings usually go into, with some fair pressure so that the contents don’t spill out when you turn that cup upside down (like DQ)

plant your seed in the bottom of the cup (Which is upside down)

And then you can feed that small container daily if you need, without the fear of over watering. The bonus is, that every day you can check the underside of your cup to see if the taproot is coming through.

Mans as soon as you see it, put that cup on top of your permanent pot and stake it in for support.

They don t even realize they’ve been moved! A little 15-30-15 for 1 feed gets the roots to the bottom of the new pot.

Cheers dgc.

i want to become a member and I will! , but my old lady just left and I have to pay the hydro bill lol.