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Hey DGC, I recently switched to BioBizz nutrients from FoxFarm and added Recharge to the line up. I am still using FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil tho…for this run anyway. My tap water runs about 8-8.5 pH and that’s after I dechlorinate it with a air pump and stone for 24-48 hrs. I have been pH’d my water down to 6-6.5 before I add my nutes and Recharge. My question is do I have to pH my water down at all? I have herd that you don’t have to pH when growing organic and Recharge has buffers in it also right? I haven’t had any issue so far I’m just wondering if I’m wasting my time and just putting something none organic in my feed program like GH pH-down. Thanks again! Your DGC friend, Jay Kush

Ps. Hit up my Instagram page for updates on my grow and beautiful nug/weed porn @urban_farmer_410