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Hi DGC I’ve been growing for three years. I live on the gulf coast deep in the heart of Prohibition. I’ve been using biobizz since day one and I’ve had lots of harvest. Been pleased but I’m wanting to automate. I know biobizz isn’t going to work in a drip system so I’m considering a synganic approach. Looking for any advice. What to expect when switching? I’ve narrowed it down to Remo, Canna coco or New Millenium if I can get it shipped here which I’ve had trouble finding a place to ship.  I’m also open to any other suggestions. I use fox farms happy frog soil mixed with a bag of light warrior for my auto flowers and coco loco for my photoperiods. The local farm store carries fox farm stuff, but I’m reluctant to use there nutes. I also use optic foliar Overgrow through veg and of course Recharge. I also wanted to thank y’all I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the show and the DGC. Living in prohibition and having virtually no toker friends, much less grower friends. To have y’all as a resource has allowed me to provide medicine for me and family. Growing has also been one of the coolest and rewarding things I’ve done. Thanks again and growers love.