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Hey DGC, let me start by saying happy Thanksgiving and how grateful I am to be a pateron, a part of this amazing community that y’all have created for us. I got my fingers crossed for that beautiful rosin press 🤙 but anyway down to business. I am about to make up some biochar (about 55 gallons) and I was wondering if I could “charge” different batches of biochar with different nutrients so I could go back and add as as top dress like after Transplant with some veg nutes and after flip to flower with bloom nutes, I would probably  mix it 1:1:1 biochar:worm castings:compost… just an idea i figured y’all would know since you use it in recharge thanks for any ideas I would love to build upon this idea.  Y’all have a safe holiday mush love from dixie

P.s. the pics are from my current indoor grow follow me on cannabuzz and ig @dixielanddank