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Hey DGC, Dude, Scotty, Guru, Banner and all the bakery gang. I hope you’re having a great May, its wet and windy here in Wales, UK. Making my own sunshine in the grow room here: pictured is birthday cake s1 by cannarado. I don’t usually enter any competitions but damn if this isn’t a pretty plant. Growing in hempys for the first time I had a little trouble at the beginning due to over watering and cutting off oxygen to the roots I think I’ve got the hang of them now. Simple as can be using canna A & B, some recharge during veg, some green plant massive and a little pk during week 6-7. Probably go 10 weeks. This is beginning of week 8. Cant wait to taste her. Thanks for all the shows. I’ve changed from listening on the way to work to sitting down and watching the shows on the TV in the evening with my girlfriend. She’s a bit of a science nerd and really gets into some of the shows. Hoping to get a USA or Canada trip in next year after the Hong Kong flu has blown over and seeing what US legal weed is like.