Yooooo what’s up DGC! First time dank nugs submission for me so please excuse the lengthy post. Lol This is 🖤Black gelato🍧 from 🍋James loud genetics super purple purple buds.🥥Grown in coco, perlite, worm casting, Gaia green amendments, and 🔋⚡️Recharge every week!💜First pic is when first sprouted 4/15 Second pic is her on chop day 7/6 the lighting wasn’t the best sorry. Third pic is a close up of a Top that day.😀 Fourth pic is from today 9/4 been curing in a jar for 6weeks now so terpy and so amazing to look at! I grind a bud and it’s all purple through and through Senor Dude you’re going to love your harvested buds when your BG is ready. Been keeping up with your video updates she’s looking so nice great job dude! That right there is what great genetics looks like thanks James loud! I can’t want for what the future holds for us connoisseurs. Much Love DGC and SHN for that hookup!! Fingers crossed for more bean hookups in soon future!🤞🏼💚💛❤️ -Raza V1C