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Hey DGC,

I am having issues with an OG strain. I went from cfl clone area to my main room under a spydrx plus first at 4 bars, then 6, then 8 at 36″ above the canopy for transition week. Basement ambient co2 is 700-900 ppm. Water 2-3 times a week and once a week feeding with recharge, potassium silicate and agmino (14-0-0) at half strength for a N boost. Soil mix is coco, peat, compost, rice hauls and perlite amended with down to earth dry amendments Everyone was doing fine for about 2 weeks until last week girls started showing issues, mainly light green leaf centers extending into the middle of the fingers and darker outer half of the leaves. The OGs were showing different signs with rough thicker leaves, very textured and yellowing hues(purple stems too but not sure if that’s genetics)  The only issue I could tell was that my RH was 40% (temps 83F). I added a humidifier and now I’m steady at 60-65%RH. I cant get to the optimum VPD of 75%RH because my walls begin to drip.  All the girls looking better except the OG which is showing same signs plus black spots now on lower leaves. In one pic is the OG in question with a month old cereal milk seedling. Did a slurry test on both and they were both ph of 6.8 but the OG was ppm of 800 and the cereal milk was 1,100 (x 500 ppm meter I believe). So not sure if the OG is just hungry. I’ve heard OGs are heavy feeders. I’m thinking of just up potting it as a fail safe. Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks DGC keep up the great work!!!