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Hey DGC.   New member and first post on DGC/Dank Nugs.

This is a Black Stap (breeder’s edition) by Gnome Automatics I recently harvested.   I bought the beans directly from the breeder at the 2021 Autoflower Cup in Washington.  It’s really cool when you can meet the person who invested the tremendous amounts of time, energy and money required in developing great genetics.

I grew her in a 2 x 2.5′ tent in DWC using MegaCrop (2 part) plus fulvic acid, kelp, and Hydroguard.  Ran her under a Mars FC3000 at a DLI of 52 using a 18/6 light cycle starting D 14.  Generally ran an EC of 600 staring D21.  Res changes every 7-10 days.

She took 72 days pop to chop.  Total yield = 11.9 oz

During flower, lots of lemon and sweet.  Smoke is straight-up GSC:  very sweet, “bakery” smells very front and center, citrus is there but not as pronounced.   Lovely smoke.  Beautiful plant – the purple pigment is expressed in the trichomes to an extent I have never seen before in a purple cultivar.  The kief is almost black.   Also, very easy to grow – no notable problems.

Highly recommend.  Thanks for viewing!