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How you growing today my fellow DGC members and gracious hosts? Hope all is well, as times can be crazy, the grow can be salvation. I got a question today, regarding 3 blade leaves and some definite differences I’ve noticed over the last 2 runs. I know there are a few unique strains that exist that have a dominant trait of only throwing 3 blade leafs, duck foot being one of them. The strains that I am growing are not prone to these traits, and 5/6 of the genetics are clones of plants I grew from seed/clone prior.

Question is: what would cause a plant to only throw 3 blade leafs? And why would a plant that has thrown 7-13 fingers (like an alien gang sign), start throwing 3 after cloning and never “growing” out of it? My last indoor flower run was atrocious due to the insane heat waves central cali was getting during the late summer weeks and my a/c couldn’t keep up. I noticed the 3 blades on a couple plants (both seed and clone), and attributed it to the heat, but after taking cuts a few weeks ago and seeing them really start to veg out, I’m seeing the 3 leaf on cuts that didn’t show it at all the last run. I’m starting to think maybe a virus or disease? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, stay lit and always growing!