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Hi Guys, Scottie, Dude and Guru, I was also a believer that Guru was a lot larger male then he actually sounds..

I am 51 years old, was growing last time about 20 years ago, and my how things have changed. Follower of the show for some time now, love what you do and the knowledge you share.

Anyway, second grow, started with MoneyMaker and now I am on Blimburn Seeds Girl Scout Cookies. I love the Organics now that I switched over, I am using nutes that I can get here locally in Europe. Advanced Nutrients Organics Iguana Grow with Ancient Earth and Super Tea, plus couple of additives, BigBud (not Organic) and Bloom Booster. These are on now week 7 and for my second crop this year after a almost 20 year break from growing. Got a couple of weeks to go. Should I flush with clearing solution generally in Organic soil?

Sad thing is that I can not get the full range of Organic supplements here due to EU Laws, Can I continue to use a hybrid formula with 90% organics and 10% non official Organics?. Also would like to hear if you have some advice on this situation, I can get GHE Bloom Booster Organic and the results are rather good so far from the pics.

Should I keep on with what I am doing, can you suggest any additional flavour boosters?.

Setup is a 1x1x2 tent (meters)

10 CXB 3590 running about 55-60 watts each on a Personally hand built rack. just over 600w at the wall with 20x5w 660nm Star Board mounted Cree LEDs

temps between 20 and 27 centigrade

humidity hovers around 40%

Some of the pics I see on Blimburn do not really correspond to my results, Should I complain, no not really..

Wanted to let you guys know that all this was made possible from your show and from the Grow Mouse himself. So wanted to say massive thanks to you for how far I have come in such short time and if you have any final tips on flavour enhancers, boosters for terpines etc. Or am I barking up the wrong tree here…

Peace to each and everyone, keep on….