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Hello to the DGC from all the way down in New Zealand!

I have my first run of auto girls nearing their end but one is lagging behind. I have a Royal Creamatic Auto from RQS that is bulking up nicely but my C4 Auto from Fast Buds is lagging waaay behind when it comes to bud size.

Both were planted at the same time and get fed the same nutes but the C4 is at least a month behind the Royal Creamatic. My question is about “bloom boostas” (as Scotty says)…. Are they worth it? Do they make much of a difference? My last round was using the same nutes and they all fattened up nicely, I’m guessing my issue is more of a genetics one but I’m wondering if the DGC has had much success with fattening up the flowers using bloom boosters or are they a marketing ploy?

First pic is of the girls in question (plus the next round in veg), Second pic is of the whole tent for shits and gigs and to show my set up. Growing under 2x 240W Kingbrite QB’s in coco & perlite mix. Nutes are Goliath (a NZ brand I think) and I managed to finagle a pack of Recharge into NZ so have just started using that too.