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Not gonna lie I haven’t been to excited about this strain since not long after i started with them but hey free clones are free clones when u are tryin to ball on a budget my buddy that hooks me up with all my clones swore I’d like it but it just never really kept up with the bruce banner beside it so it’s been hard to get to excited when the bruce kicked ass the whole time but overall I am impressed with how this strain grew out of 25 strains he had growing the stems on this strain are unreal thick they were night n day difference from all other strains but it made it nice not to have to worry about them gettin ti heavy but they also have stacked up pretty nice definitely think I could of done better with it if I would of been able to get a little more excited about it but we have a week n a half left on these girls on day #64 gonna take them to day #75 before they get the cut