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Hey guys! First off, Great content and vibes on the show. I am from Oregon where the cannabis scene has blown up in the past years. I was diagnosed with Avascular necrosis of the hip when I was 17 and heavily involved in sports, working towards a shot at college level baseball. I had found cannabis a year before my diagnosis and been in trouble with the law, somewhat putting a damper on my dreams of playing college ball. This search for relief was due to the pain I was experiencing from an un diagnosed issue. Long story short, I have been an everyday user since. I do not take synthetic drugs and use cannabis exclusively for my hip pain. I’m am now 27 years old and have had the tough it out attitude that was engrained and have yet to address my pain. Haha  Now that cannabis is available to the public, prices obviously have gone up for anything quality. I am finally on to cultivating my own medicine and can’t get enough.
I have a Vivosun 3×2 with one lady that is  into flower about 5 weeks. Started with a t5 24 for veg and the first couple weeks of closer. I have since switched to the Marshydro ts1000. Starting to smell amazing and just wanted to share my novice photography skills and say THANK YOU for all of the help and insight.
a little over watered and leaves are turning down. Any tips or feedback would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

Keepin it Growin