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I really appreciate the help you guys provide on here. Unbelievable how much information is out there! But tonight I’m challenged again by MOTHER NATURE. This is the blue dream momma and super lemon smac momma I’ve been nursing since January 2021! And proud to say the BD started from seed and didn’t die! They grew with crowding autos and they are finally all alone in this 5×5 tint and praying to the mighty Spider Farm 4000. But dont turn the nob higher then the lowest setting or the Super lemon smac will wilt and burn, or the blue dream will yellow and crumble. I also lost three “branches” to unknown reasons, murdered a huge fungus gnat family in June, and that fight took three months and lots of nematodes and Damascus Earth mixed into perlite. I also forgot to turn watering systems for the blue dream when I went on vacation, nearly losing all foliage. The recharge I bought gave them more strength to recover SO I KNOW THEIR STRONG PLANTS NOW RIGHT!?

Can you help me with why I can’t crank that damn light up and why did I loose a branch shown. Where I wrapped the stock with graphing tape. U know just to keep those pests out. I cut two cuttings and rooted them in recharge. And boy did they grow so if super smac dies I’ll replace with those cuttings. The one branch really just turned yellow and light green, looked closer and seen no pests or damage to the leaves. You see my blue dream doing the same thing right now so I won’t cut it and you can see as it progresses. Maybe fungus gnat larvae allowed my plants to be infected with something but I figured recharge would help the plant recover and become stronger. And those nematodes will stay right?

Yo lol What’s up DGC