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Hey guys, big shout out to everyone involved with the show. Appreciate all the knowledge being pasted around like a big fatty. Been binge watching for a couple weeks now to the point where I think the wife is mad at me lol. Blue weed?  I’ve seen it, I’ve smoked it and told lots of stories about it. Now it seems like it was a myth rather than a legend. Back in the 90’s, I scored a bag of blue weed. Dank blue weed! We were lucky to even get weed sometimes, even had a summer of hash due to whatever happened somewhere.  I’ve been growing for 3 years now and every grow I try to do only what I’ve heard you can do to possibly change the color of the buds. High PH during flush, colder water to the point of putting ice codes on top of the medium. Was it just lucky genetics? Is there something a guy can do to trigger the future bag appeal?

First time cloning, monster cropped @ 3 weeks. Sour cookies.