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Heya DGC, stoked to be posting some dank nugs for the first time. I’ve been listening as a producer for a little while and have learned a ton. I’m on my second grow and I’ve done a slightly better job of documenting it with photos this time around.

This beautiful lady here is Violet Beauregarde, a feminized Blueberry auto. She’s nearing the end of week 9 and “blowing up” nicely. The tent also smells amazing.

Grow Details
Container: 5-gallon Smart Pot
Media: Bush Doctor Coco Loco from FoxFarm
Nutrients: Grow Dots + Recharge + Cal-Mag
Light: Spider Farmer SPF1000 LED

Compared to my previous grow, this one has been somewhat easier to manage and predict. Seems like the Grow Dots do a pretty good job. The only thing I’ve had to supplement was some Cal-Mag after just a small amount of yellowing. It quickly balanced out and hasn’t skipped a beat.

It won’t be long until harvest and I’m thrilled about it. And we haven’t even talked about that tall Northern Lights you can see on the left. Her name is Aurelius and she’ll be coming along soon.

Huge thanks to the DGC, Dude, Scotty, Guru, and Banner for sharing the love of growing knowledge and beaming it out to the rest of us. Keep up the good stuff.