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What’s going on DGC! This was my second grow. First one was in the closet of my spare bedroom under a couple HLG 100s. This one I decided to kinda go all out.

Grew 5 plants in a 5×5 gorilla growtent, under a HLG 600 Rspec in 5 gals. Inkbird Controllers for temp and humidity. AC Infinity exhaust, portable AC, couple humidifiers and a dehumidifier. Soil is a mix of FFHF, Ocean forest, WormX cocomix, and insect frass. Spring water and Recharge (Scotty, your recharge is incredible my dude) through Veg, fox farms nutes through flower with an insect frass top dress.

This run went really really well. I really refined my own process and methods while experimenting with a bit of HST (which turned out great). Spending the money on gear that helps me help my plants better was the best decision I could have made.

They got about a 12 day dry and the cure was perfect (Thanks boveda). I cannot begin to explain the smells guys. I can’t open a jar in my living room without my neighbors smelling it (Jk, that would be nuts). But seriously, within seconds the whole room is filled with a pungent aroma of cobbler and muffins. The effects are somewhat nostalgic, it reminds me of how it felt getting high as a teenager, stoney af.

Over-all, I think I got a little south of 2 pounds. I love it, my friends love it and keep asking for more. I never could have achieved this without y’alls help so thanks!