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Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru & tha DGC!!! I’ll be going out of town for long enough to kill some plants and so I’d like to set up a BluMat system. Nothing large, just 1 or 2 plants each in a 5Gal Radicle Bag (2×4 tent). Are Radicle Bags a good fit with Blumat dripper systems, or would it be better to have a plastic pot to retain moisture better? If the drippers keep the soil moist at all times, when/how would I feed the plants nutrition without overwatering? I understand these are best suited for water only, however if I wanted to add some nutrition with synthetics, what would the crew recommend? I’ll be away from the grow for up to 8 days, is there anything I should consider or plan for that I might not otherwise think about until its too late? Any input is very much appreciated. #growerslove