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Hey DGC, I have my blumats setup up in my 2×4 living soil bed. So far I’m loving them. The plants are always praying, the cover crop is exploding, and the worms love the drippers. There are piles of fresh castings under the drippers. My question is for anyone else using blumats. Do y’all do anything with the water in the reservoir? Anything I need to worry about with the water just sitting in bucket? Just had that question floating around my head today after listening to the Shaping Fire episode with Leighton Morrison about water. Thanks again DGC, y’all are the best. I’m getting to the home stretch of my 2nd grow (6wks flower), and my 3rd is rocking in veg. Each grow gets better than last. I’ve learned a lot, but so much more to learn and I thank everyone of you for that. Keep up the good work!


Ps. Guru, get you some blumats for the greenhouse!!