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Hey DGC! A big thanks for all the grow help and keeping me company on my daily commute.

Awhile back there was a little bonsai talk on the show and I am now just getting around to sharing the bonsai I’ve been growing since May. I pulled a small clone from the plants I was growing, strain was Squirt from Humboldt Seed Co., and wanted a new house plant in my south facing window.

Over all it’s been a fun exercise in training the plant and I was able to pull about 9 clones off it by September. I was able to gift some clones to friends and get another grow up and running with some a few of them. Unfortunately the clones got hit with spider mites after I put them in the tent, so that ended that grow. While the grow ended the bonsai lives on!  Oh well, I  got to live, learn and share the chance to grow these wonderful plants with others.

Bonsai is a practice I’ll be taking on from here on out with every grow.  I fully encourage others to try this as, it’s too much fun to pass up.  Hope you enjoy the pics and keep it Real Growers! (Insert Recharge Plug Here…which I use in all my grows)