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What’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru and the crew?

I have a question for you that I am unable to find the answer to, anywhere on the web.  After watching the show for a couple years now (the show kicks ASS you guys, so please keep up the good work and keep the Recharge coming), and not being able to find this on my own, I’m tossing it to you.

I have an OG Kush that I have had going in my tent for about 8 weeks and was going to scrog it out, but was gifted a tent full of autos, so I am going to take it outside. I transplanted it into a 25 gallon pot from a 5 gallon pot, with Roots organics soil and put it outside, but I worry about watering with the GH Maxigrow outside, simply because I’ve never used synthetics outside. Hence the question, bottled to organic? Is it possible to go from synthetic to strictly organic nutes, or will it live?

Thanks guys and as always,  Happy growing!

Stoned Ed