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Scotty has been preaching the simplicity of growing Hempy style for a long time. I’m a fan of using coco/perlite but got sick and tired of dealing with runoff. That 15% runoff turns into gallons of waste in no time. Dumping it on my lawn felt wrong so I turned to bottom feeding. This method is a cross between Hempy and Autopot. You pretty much set it and forget it. These plants will drink a gallon in an hour and are fed every other day.

It’s almost too easy to grow this way. Plants are always healthy from top to bottom. Bottom feeding is zero waste. I’m buying less RO water per month and saving nutrients; A win win. But the key to growing this way are my bags. These are Rain Science bags but Radical bags have similar PVC material. They wick as apposed to soak like fabric. Fabric ions attracts calcium and clog much like air stones. The most common question about fabric bags are about mold. How Smart can a pot be when it’s growing barnacles? Bottom feeding for the win.