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Since I’m starting flower I’m needing to keep my odors down. I’m grown all these strains before and only the Lsd25 from fastbuds gets stinky as hell. I am running around 150 watts on only half of my 2×4 so temps are good with lights on and humidity with lights off is vented only being in the low 60’s but with good circulation. I only have a fan turn on to remove old air and humidity and its simple and has given me tasty dang several runs now. I was wondering about the these bamboo small filters that should absorb odors and if they would remove smells. I keep my grows simple and was noticing that for 20 bucks I can sit these around my ventilation fan, if they absorb odors like that. Does anyone know of these things? Amazon has sometimes a 1000 reviews saying they work but growing compared to cooking smells, ones a little more important.