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Wussup dudes, I recently started waking and baking with y’all and its just been lesson after lesson and I love it. I only started growing last year and I currently grow outdoors, but in that year I’ve only really learned how many things i actually DONT know about the topic lol.

A while back I started a grow that was mainly for aesthetic purposes so I planted 4 seeds in a pot a little smaller than a solo cup (2 strains i grew last year, a (boax x colorado cherry) CBD strain, and a strain a friend gave me called Harstine High (og kush x bludream) x (a.o.t.a)). Up until today I was planning on letting them flower out this big and have it be a cute lil triple budsai tree, but i was looking at Scotty’s instagram today and I saw he had something similar that he plans on making a “supermom” and I like the sound of that idea.

I was wondering if its even really worth it to reveg them or if i should continue with my budsai and just try it another time with different plants? (this would be my first time reveging, i tried it once and was too impatient)