When I look around the cannabis community I see so many folks doing great and wonderful things in all kinds of ways. We are a lot more then just growers and smokers. We are makers and creators  in so many ways.  We have a lot to share with the world around us.  I believe it is time for us to shine.  This brings me to the DGC and Alpine Hemp Company.   As you all know, Alpine Hemp Company makes so freakin awesome DGC hats.  I have the first 4 styles. thanks Dude.  Seeing the high quality being repeated on every hat, I thought I would give Bryan a shout.  Well we worked together to create the first custom Labrador hat, pics 2-3.  These 100 numbered hats sold out in less then 48 hours.   This worked out so awesome, we had to order more.  Version 2 is Labrador the Bigland, midnight edition.  As folks drop by, they ask questions and some leave with a new outlook on this great plant and the folks within its community. This is one of the ways we are breaking the stoner stereo type.  With kindness and respect for all the folks, we keep our minds and hearts open, even for the ones with different views.    Big thanks to the DGC and Alpine Hemp Company.  You all freeakin awesome