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Howdy all,

I got two beans left of the best autos I have seen, unknown origin. Have many successful Feminized Bean Grows under my belt using CS. I would like to try this with my last two autos. Question 1. If I just spray one branch of one auto, does that make the whole plant unsmokable? I normally just spray the whole plant and store the pollen. 2. Should I plant the one to make pollen with a week or two earlier to give pollen production a head start? 3. What is the chance all seeds created will be autos? or would there be a possibility of photoperiod genetics resurfacing? 4. Last question. I normally started in a solo and moved to a fabric pot. They normally produced about 200g each…I want to try the one pot method…what are your opinions of starting in a 3 or 5 gallon pot?

Thanks in Advance.