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i love the programs you do with different breeders and about breeding your own genetics at home. i know lots of people that cant really afford to spend 100 plus on a pack of 10 seeds. People seem to grow towards feminized seeds just to allow them an easier grow, less plant waste, guaranteed buds and not have to worry about a male popping up and pollinating their crew. you might already have lots of episodes on breeding, but i love to learn even more. books that you recommend for breeding cannabis? or just do it haha.  im currently working on a few different projects. i’m in canada. i try to help as many people obtain good quality genetics for a very small donation if they can. a lot of people that are curious about growing get ripped by some different companies around with false advertising or low quality genetics. i really don’t want to name names there is a few different companies. (native seed co.) is a company that i’ve seen time and time again, in local gas stations and flea markets. Seems to me that basically every single plant i’ve seen grown from this was really poor quality, very little resin. so weird. maybe its just me but, in a perfect world we can all grow good medicine and not be discouraged when buying seeds and spending $10plus per seed and 5 months nurturing these plants to end up with hermies, small yield, no trichomes haha and some other strange things that may happen with poor quality seeds. Might even make some new growers get discouraged and sell their equipment lol. i know growing isn’t for everyone that for sure. only like 4 out of 10 of my friends grow some good power. others don’t bother or just don’t get dialed in properly. i’m stoned up to the max.  smoking some killer oldschool Hindu (headstash) kush, and a new bag i acquired recently. Purple Space Monkey! its intense smoke all around rasta special haha. peace dudes keep on growing!!! love it!! life’s good!!  sorry no pics. i need to download them from phone to my laptop. ill get some sick pics of what i’m doing for next time.. peeeaaccee bros!!!