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During a conversation with some old guitar-pickin’ heads from my area,  I was related some grower’s stories from the 1970’s that really made me appreciate today’s atmosphere of eroding prohibition and growing tolerance.  I started smoking in 1985 so I missed all that and no, Dad, I did not learn it from watching you and your crappy cigar box.  On to the question…In the county to the north of me, these guys saved some Mexican bag seed, (Oaxacan was their favorite) and started growing multiple patches in the burnt windrows left over from timber-cutting operations.  They made their own seeds from open-pollination of the selected males that they did not cut down in each patch and stated they selected the tallest, earliest male.  This rocked along for three years with each subsequent harvest growing in potency.  When the harvest of the fourth year was sampled, however, the bud was shit, didn’t get you high, and tended to leave a headache.  As a point of curiosity, what do y’all think happened?  Are taller, earlier males more hemp-like and did they unknowingly select a genetic dead end?  Grower’s Love! VG