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I would like to start by saying that it is TOTALLY worth the extra 9 bucks to get the bagged Turpur over the blocks.  So much easier to use.  I didn’t think it would be that different but not having to fool with hydrating those blocks, flushing them, then buffering and adding perlite was such a relief.  Open a bag and repot, I LOVED IT.  Thought I would use the blocks forever because of getting more for less but saving the time and work was so refreshing when I used it today.  Also it dries out faster than my mix with 40 percent perlite which I love.  I like to be able to really water my plants and get the nutes to them.  Switched from 4 in fabric 7 gals this time to 8 in #5 pots this time.  Loving the change so far and loving this  medium. …So do my girls I use captains recipe with Recharge. That got me thinking…..Do I need to do anything different with this medium?  Cal mag still needs to be added to my mix correct? Any other tips for this particular medium?  I treat it just like my coco/perlite right? Normal pH range 5.5-6.5?