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What’s up guys, thanks to your help and guidance, I’ve got a lot growing on. Besides my outdoor grow, I have these two girls inside under a HLG 280v2 in my 2x4x6 tent.

They were planted in 5gal fabric pots with FF soils and ran outside until June 6th or so and then went under the light for 4-5 days at 16-8 to get acclimated and then did a 48 lights out when they were flipped.

At the flip I went with Jacks 321 Budset boost for the first 2 weeks and they had a short stretch and quick bud set.

Then reg Jacks 321 for a few weeks, then the flower boost.

All of my girls get Recharge once a week every Friday or Saturday at a teaspoon per gal.  I always fill up water buckets 24 hours before I need to feed and add a teaspoon per gal of Silica and it sits overnight. I also add Fish Shit or Mammoth P at 5ml per gal every feeding.

Weeks 4 and 5 is Jacks Booster At weeks 7-8 5ml of New Millenium Winter Frost with just water for a flush.

The girls were chopped right after these pics and put back in the tent while on a hanger. The fan is off but the charcoal filter is on suckling air in from my lung room. The lung room is set at 65′ and a humidifier is set at 55%. This gets me roughly 14-21 days dry time and I end up with sticky, dense nugz every time as long as it’s quality Genetics. At 21 days it’s ready to smoke even but I do jars and burp for another week before its time to share and smoke.

This is my 2nd grow with Grimm Genetics and so far I’ve been impressed. I ran his Rosetta Stone last year that was outstanding.

I expect 8-10 zips out each of these. The sisters are outdoors under the sun and they have already flipped to flower and are each triple the size and they’re on Grow Dots now. (see my other post from this week!!)

Thanks DGC! And F-YT!!

And thanks Brothers Grimm and Mr Soul!