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While studying Nuclear Engineering at a college in Upstate NY, I also learned to grow marijuana in a spare room of my apartment. I read everything about growing marijuana I could get my hands on, but I was especially interested by Robert C. Clark’s “Marijuana Botany”. I sent a letter to the owner of the Super Sativa Seed Club in Amsterdam and after weeks of discussing breeding and genetics, they offered me a job. I became their USA seed distributor to their American customers in 1987.

This opportunity provided me access to genetics and information that allowed me to rapidly advance my cannabis cultivation and breeding expertise in my own grow spaces. I used my engineering skills to design hydroponic systems and climate control systems for my growing operations. I organized the garden work flow; scheduling and performing all phases of cannabis production; seedlings, mother plants, clones, flowering, harvest, manicuring, drying/curing and seed storage.

These projects became increasingly larger and cultivation was soon my full-time occupation. I became known as “MrSoul” to the online cannabis community, where I shared growing and breeding information. I was reliably producing 1 pound per kW and delivering 2 pounds of high-grade MJ per month, when I founded The Brothers Grimm Seed Co. in 1996.

My breeding projects produced strains of marijuana that are now world-famous, such as Cinderella 99 (C99) and Apollo 13. These MJ strains were featured in High Times magazine articles among the top 10 most favored varieties of all time and have also been used by other breeders to create numerous award-winning hybrids.

I left the business abruptly in 2002. I moved to Belgium looking for a legal way to run the company… however the right combination of people, location and timing never fell into place. So I preserved the original seeds and breeding stock until conditions finally improved in 2015. I’m proud of the new Brothers Grimm facilities and excited to see everything on track for our initial release of about 10 strains in April 2016, including the classic Cinderella 99 and Apollo 13.

I look forward to personally meeting all the wonderful people who come to the Cannabis Cups and other events. Thank you for your appreciation of our work.

Be safe, stay free — MrSoul

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