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What is up DGC!  Coming at you from Columbus OH. I’m a very novice grower, had a somewhat successful 1st attempt with an auto but Absolutely defoliated too much and stressed them out too much, but on your advice this round went with a photo period. Seed was from an eight I bought when I was in Denver. Do I have something else going on or is this just a normal fade?

I’m not 100% sure but think it was from high level health. No idea what it is but from the leaves appears to be a sativa dominant hybrid (I never really buy full blow sativas so that’s why I say it’s a hybrid). So far it’s been pretty smooth sailing, again I think I have a tendency to touch them too much! So trying to break that habit!  But in the past week I’ve been getting these odd brown areas intermittently. I have had the light at the same height the entire flower cycle about 12-14 inches away. the light is an LED, small, think it’s 250 watts just got it from my local hydro store on their recommendation. I did notice slight tip burn so backed it off slightly to 18ish inches to see if that helps.

Growing in a 5 gallon fabric pot, with fox farm happy frog soil.  I amended at week 4 of flower with worm castings, Mother Earth power flower (1-8-6) and of course we got the recharge going!!!  My plan was amend at week four of flower and then ride them out till about 8-9weeks total depending on the trichomes.  Im currently heading into week 6 so just curious if I should address this or just ride it out and see how she’s does!  Any input would be greatly appreciated!