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What’s up Dude, Guru, Scotty and the DGC! This is my Bruce Banner week six of potentially 12. I found some seeds after picking up a half pound from a friend and they have all been female! She’s sticky and stinky and smells like fermenting fruits or a mixed fruit cider! As you can see in the last picture she’s so sticky that she is catching fungus gnats in the lower buds. Running build a soil 3.0 with craft blend, build a balloon, gnarly barley, Kashi blend a few other build a soil products and definitely Recharge! This is my first legal grow since The end of prohibition in New Mexico. This is from my personal grow but me and a friend are starting an outdoor micro grow with 200 plants to hopefully provide some real medicine to these New Mexico dispensaries that only carry garbage. Have a great day guys and I’ll keep you updated on the grow.