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This is my second grow, first indoor. Grown in a Mars Hydro 8X8 tent in 45 gallon Grassroots pots using a local living soil mix (Eleva Soils). HLG 550’s for lights and an AC Infinity T8. Used a lot of Recharge, also used the Coots Gnarly Barley from Build A Soil.

The first two pics are different phenos of Bubba’s Sis, the fourth pick is Lemony Wicked OG from The Madd Farmer. Unreal lemon stink on that one. Everything is chopped and hanging now. Chopped Lemony Wicked on day 66 and Bubba’s Sis on day 71. The Bubba’s Sis has such a rank smell to it, wish I could explain it better.

Most everything I have learned, including which breeders to follow, has come from The Dude Grows Show, Tad Hussey’s podcast, a couple others, and a ton of reading. 36 year smoker, 1 year growing. Thanks for all the help and information.