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What Up DGC thought Id take a shot at The Dank Nugs Segment and submit a Few pics of my Current grow all 3 are Bubble Gum Gelato From Raw Genetics and I actually received these Seeds from yall at the Bakery. I’m currently when typing this in week 6-7 and the ladys are looking Nice and FROSTY!!.. Although they Seemed to fade a little earlier then I’m particularly use to but the Smells and Stickiness are Killing it So I’m just letting them do there thing… They are in 7 gallon Radical bags with a All Organic Homemade Soil made up of Peat-CocoCoir-WormCastings-Perlight and Amended with Organic Nutrients they’ve lived life Under a HLG Scorpion R-Spec in a 5×5 Tent with Ac-Infinty Ventilation System… Well that’s pretty much the all the Deet’s for the Grow…

I Wanna Give Huge Shout Out to all the People Responsible for Creating and Maintaining the DGC it a Amazing Community of like Minded Cannabis Growers and I thank you All For making this possible… 🙏🙏🙏