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Hey DGC!

I have a “significant backlog of material that needs processing” and I’m considering buying one of those small washing machines to make the process a little easier.  I’ve made dozens of batches of bubble hash using my trusty buckets and stirring spoon, but I’ve never used a machine before.


Most people I see using a machine are using some variation of a 5 gal portable clothing washer.  In most cases when I see a washing machine being marketed for hash making, it seems to be the same cheap plastic Chinese made washing machine being re-branded and sold to the cannabis market at a massive markup. 🙁


I recently found this cheaper machine and I’m considering giving it a try:

Bubble Bag Machine 5 Gallon Small Mini Compact Washer


it still seems sorta cheaply made but at least the price is pretty cheap too.


Any thoughts on machines for hash processing or on this particular model?

Anyone have a similar machine they really like?




after sieving, how do you dry your bubble hash? 

I often hear others recommending drying on sheets of cardboard, but working in other industries has taught me that most cardboard is chemically treated with formaldehyde or other preservatives.  (no thanks!)

I’m considering picking up some silk screens or maybe some unbleached butcher paper to dry on.  Any thoughts on other affordable ways to dry a large batch of bubble hash while still maintaining top quality?  (I can’t afford a freeze drier)