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Sup grow fam,

I just finished my first grow and am smoking my own bud for the first time ever. I attribute half of my success to my beautiful genetics (“Davy Crockett” -Platinum Huckleberry Cookies (f) x Alien Orange Cookies (m) from @moonmissiongenetics) and I attribute the rest of my success to Scotty dude guru and the rest of the DGC for all the knowledge that I’ve accumulated since September 2018. Over the course of the grow I’ve saved up a bunch of grow questions some more abstract than others so here we go…

The Davy Crockett has just finished drying so I guess I’m getting a little antsy and smoking some before the cure, but I’ve realized that I’ve never seen bud like this before because it hasn’t been handled by multiple people, vac sealed, and shipped across the country. I also haven’t trimmed yet so the smaller sugar leaves curled up and become one with the bud.

Im curious as to what the the anatomy of the bud actually is, I mean the plant literally starts out as two leaves and now it’s final flower consists of hairs, sugar leaves and different color nug spots. Could you discus the generic anatomy of the female cannabis flower and maybe talk a little about the types of chemicals that are created in the process, what happens to the chemicals during the dry and cure, and how they effect our minds?

Once again guys, smoking my own bud for the first time was a spiritual feeling comparable to seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. I couldn’t have done it without you all.