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I just finished my first no till cycle. Went and followed build a soil and made my own stuff for the 4×4 beds. And I crushed it. Fucking nugs are giant!! But that brought on the issue of bud rot. I went through and saved what I could, but lost at least a half pound or so.

How do I go about cleaning afterward? I can bleach everything, fine. But how do I clean the beds? How could I know there’s no spores in the straw on top? Once I’ve got what I can save, dried to the crisp. Can I then put it in a jar with a boveda pack? Will that just create the perfect environment to start growing again? Or should I just leave it dry as fuck? Apart from sprays, how can I combat this in the future? I ran my humidity at about 50% through flower. Should I just crank it down to 35-40%?