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Hey DGC, I started a budget grow in my closet about a month ago.  I bought a Dakason 1500 “150w” (it only pulls about 128 watts from the wall at 100%) off of Amazon for $60.  I’m growing in a mix of coco that I found at Walmart of all places ($6/8qt.) perlite also from Walmart ($7/8qt.) mushroom compost I found at Lowes ($4/40lb) and worm castings (also from Walmart $9/8qt).  I mixed the coco, perlite and compost at 30/30/30 and one cup of castings.  From there I added some RECHARGE and Grow Dots.  My seed was of unknown origin that had been sitting in my rolling box for anywhere from 5-10 years.  I could not be more happy with the results.  I flipped to flower pretty quickly do to space constraints but the photos show the start of week 2 of flower.