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Summer summer summer, we all love it. But especially our insects. There is no replacement for a shower and changing your clothes before going into your grow room. If you have a lot of different gardens and  landscapes, why not at least clean your filthy paws before you enter common area? Indoor garden is connected to the common area of my shop. I go in and out of it all day. I am extremely mindful of what I’m doing with my feet… But don’t really have the time to literally change my shoes every few minutes. I’ve been using a tray with a little bit of spongy material. It could even be a towel at times. Just enough to hold enough of the solution but not go up past my souls if I don’t want. I am using an enzymatic cleaner and water. Enzymatic cleaners work by digesting. I think of it as a septic tank lol.  I wear flip-flops a lot. As you can see I am able to not get stuff all over my feet. But even if I do it is not toxic to me or the earth. But it will eat the fuck out of a bug! And their eggs! Besides my ozonator this is my soap of choice. I like to add a few drops of rosemary oil to my mix also. Confuses the little fools. Anyhow I know bugs can be up on your shoelaces and in the cracks of everything on your shoes. But to keep common areas at least a large percentage cleaner with no effort other than wiping my feet. I’ll take it. It’s a jungle out there, everything helps.