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Hey DGC, first and foremost thank you in advanced for any one that chimes in on the post. I’m making a batch of soil with the craft blend from BAS. I did the same mix last time with the KIS nutrient pack and had pretty good luck, figured I’d give build a soil a shot. 1/3rd quality input homegrown castings. 1/3rd spaghnum peat. 1/3rd half and half punishment and rice hulls. I did the 2 cup per square foot per BAS recommendation but used a lot lot less than the KIS pack. I used a lot more of the KIS bucket when I did that mix (per their instructions) I bet I didn’t even use  a quarter of that in the BAS mix. Just looking for some heads up I just started the cook so can definitely add more. I do nutrient and compost teas throughout so not worried a whole lot if it’s not enough, again just looking for advice. Thank you all to who posts and helps a brotha out🤙🏻🤙🏻💯🤙🏻🤙🏻 Growers love