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Hey what’s up Dude, Scotty, Guru and the DGC?

So I’ve finally moved into my new place, it was a long time coming I’ll tell you that! Now I can finally build my dream grow room. I’m conscious of my spending but won’t cheap out on something. I want to build a good setup. I have a few questions regarding materials and just some general advice as it’s my first grow room build, I’ve been growing in tents up to this. I’ve also included a beautiful use of Microsoft Paint as an idea of what’s in my head. I’m in Canada so keep that in mind if recommending certain purchases and it’s availability up here. Here’s where I’m at:

I have an insulated garage I’m going to build a flower and dry room in now and down the line I’ll build the veg room due to budget. I have a little room in my basement I can use for veg for now. I’m planning on framing out a 13′ x 11′ room for flower which will house two 4 x 8 beds. Going to pick up the Grassroots ones with the trellis netting poles ready to go and then sit them on plastic pallets. This spacing allows for a 2′ isle in the center of the room between the two beds and 1.5′ aisles on the wall sides. Ceilings are 8.5′ tall.

I am going to grab four 320W XL RSpec kits from HLG for each 4 x 8 bed. The beds will be soil mixed by me with amendments sourced from Black Swallow Soil, an awesome organic amendments company up here that’s trying to be along the lines of Buildasoil for us Canadians.

For irrigation, I’m going to go with Blumats and then do my once a week treat with Recharge and some teas, etc.

For AC, I’m thinking of following Guru’s advice from a previous grow talk question and using a couple of portables. Reasoning being that the demand should be much lower because I want warmer temps in an LED room, and also the expense of a mini split versus having two dual hose AC units. It would still be cheaper to even get a third as a spare. But I’m not sure I’ll even need to run two, that is to be determined. I may run an extra one in the garage just to keep it from getting hot in the air around the grow room. I already own a Quest dehumidifier which is more than enough for this size room.

For some nice airflow, I’ve seen some people suspend the tower fans online. I’m thinking of maybe trying that on the wall sides of the canopy with a 360 degree fan in the middle of the room. Thoughts on this?

When it comes to the actual build out of the room, any advice on materials? Going to do a typical frame with 2 x 4s, but after that I’m not sure what to use. I’ve been checking out the rigid insulation, it’s 2″ thick, comes in 4×8 sheets and is shiny reflective. Would these even be light tight? Is this going to create hots spots? Am I better to go with plain white walls? If so, what material? Chipboard painted with a sealer paint that’s white? Paint the floors white or is that just overkill and a pain in the ass? Sorry loads of questions when it comes to the actual building materials and the room design. I have a good idea of all the gear I need for inside the room!

I may also be totally missing some stuff so please offer any questions or advice