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What’s up DGC,

Love the show guys definitely a great resource for home growers. I am a new medical cannabis grower and caregiver from the Show Me State. This is my first real indoor grow so I went all in of coarse. I built a 12×20 grow room beside my house. The first go in the new building is a run of autoflower. Blueberry, Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze. I’m growing in 5 gal bags with peat vermiculite compost and castings in equal parts amended with Happy Frog fruit and flower mix, a lil Epsom salt and mykos. I am using inkbird controllers for my mini split and dehumidifier keeping it in the sweet spot. The ladies are in week 5 and starting to flower. I’ve used RO water with a compost tea here and there and light kelp foliar spray. Everything has been going great so far with vigorous growth and good response to LST. But……when watering I noticed the new grow on a few of the more beefy plants looked stunted and a little sad. After further inspection I found that some of their older bottom growth had started to yellow with brown patches between veins and red stems. My first thought was phosphorus def. so I top dressed in some castings with the watering. Would love to hear some opinions on the matter.  Thanks for the help guys.